Conservation is the need of the hour

“We’re in a giant car (earth) heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they’re going to sit.” – David Suzuki.

“Let us change today by choice, or change tomorrow by necessity”. –Evan Mc Talbott

If we look at the history of humanity, it basically says the relationship between two most complicated systems on EARTH-Human society and nature. Whether people have lived in good balance in that regard or not, at the end of the day we all speak about saving the environment, its misstated because the environment is going to survive, but WE are the ones who  are not going to survive in a world we don’t particularly want to live in.


We have evolved to be the leaders of the biological hierarchy and we are misleading. We are causing damage to the very foundation of our bio-system that has given birth to us and we are ultimately committing SUICIDE.

In the last century we have dramatically increased our impact on planet EARTH and that one reason we are not able to connect to the NATURE is because of our CULTURE. Because our culture is based on the fundamental idea that we are one superior form on EARTH and that we are separate from all other life forms. But to even think that way I would call it some form of “THINKING DISORDER”.

So, what we need to do is establish a harmony between people and nature and the only way to do is to let people know nature has rights too.

An estimate says, it would cost us $35trillion a year to do what nature is doing to us for free. If you add up the all of the annual economies of all countries in the world ( as on 2010) it would come up only to $20trillion. So nature is doing to us twice as much service than economies of the world. But in the magnum of conventional economics, this is not even in the equation.

The problem is not the problem of Technology. The problem is not the problem of too much CO2. The problem is not the problem of Global warming. The problem is not the problem of Waste. The problem is the way we are thinking-THE PROBLEM IS FUNDAMENTALLY A CULTURAL PROBLEM!!


Conservation is an exigency. If we have to survive, it is mandatory that each one of us works towards conservation. Nature fulfils all our needs and yet we so cruelly and savagely ravage it. Nature is the diadem that glorifies our planet. It is the very soul and spirit of our earth. An earth without the splendour of Nature is like a body without a soul. It is our foremost duty to protect the benefactor of our existence on this planet-Nature. Let us start working towards conservation now and defy time and the future itself. Time is running out fast and it is imperative that we start working towards conservation now.

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An enthusiast at heart, Pravin considers himself a Nature lover, dreamer and God's child. Through The Pollachi Papyrus, he aspires to offer a platform where like-minded travel enthusiasts can come together, collaborate and contribute towards efficiently documenting and creatively publishing the richness of the bio-cultural diversity, the land of Pollachi and the Anamalais hosts!

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